Integrated Financial Planning Software – CP Finance

CP Finance is a new application for CP Suite it simplifies the integrated financial planning process. Producing detailed integrated financial planning models is a challenge especially if there is more than one company. Most companies consider regular detailed planning of profit and loss.  However, when it comes to looking at these plans effects on the balance sheet and cash flow models are simple and don’t accurately reflect the business. CP Finance helps to improve the integrated financial planning process by providing a structured framework using definable logic blocks to create the planning connections between Profit & Loss, balance sheet and cash flow.

CP Finance can be a standalone module or can be part of a fully integrated corporate performance management solution with other applications in the CP Suite Corporate Planner and Multi Company Consolidation tool.

Key Features of CP Finance are:

  • Multi Company
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Year
  • Multi User
  • Financial Planning
  • Scenarios
  • Consolidation
  • Management Reporting
  • Workflow
  • Links to Systems

integrated Financial Planning process

CP Finance starts with a work flow to guide the user through the financial planning process.

“CP Finance provides simple solutions for the demands of my day-to-day work in corporate performance management – so simple that even those less experienced users among us are able to maintain the system.” Stephan Gandelheidt, Operations Management, BeNEX GmbH, Hamburg

integrated financial planning work flow

FLEXIBLE Financial Planning structures

With CP Finance there are some predefined IFRS and local GAAP chart of account structures. These predefined structures are customizable and ensure a rapid implementation. The users can also create their own accounting structures.

More than one chart of account classification structure can be defined within CP Finance. This ensures that for multiple company planning each company can have a common or bespoke chart of accounts structure. This can be particularly useful with multiple company plans that need to be consolidated onto a group structure.

CP Finance can report companies in a flexible group structures. Companies can be reported in any number of groups or sub groups. Generating different views is vital when looking at the simulation of purchase / sale of companies within a group.

Integrated Financial planning account structures

Predefined financial planning Logic blocks

CP Finance has inbuilt financial planning logic blocks which enable rapid set up and connection of the business plan to the balance sheet and cash flow. The connections are made through simple dialogue boxes. The logic blocks can link directly to detailed operational Corporate Planner databases or be planned directly within CP Finance, payment and prepayment terms, can be set.

The ability of users to create models is important as like all CP-Suite products there are no programming skills / specialist IT knowledge required to use / maintain the planning models. Some competitor products have to be run by IT departments. Corporate Planning AG’s ethos is that the finance, controlling and planning teams can create reports and maintain models and these should not be IT projects. The end users have a better understanding of the business planning processes and need to respond rapidly to changes in the business

financial planning logic blocks


CP Finance has an inbuilt multiple currency functionality. As part of a company setup the base currency is defined. The exchange rate table allows for planning the currency conversion rates. A logic block as part of the balance sheet enables the currency difference to be automatically calculated. A company can be reported in any currency with a exchange rate matrix set up. This enables simple consolidation data across groups of companies in any currency.

financial planning multi currency


As part of the CP Suite there is a dedicated application CP Cons, it performs statutory consolidation of companies. The CP Cons application can be used standalone or directly integrated to the CP Finance application.