Account-Ability’s solutions are designed to require no computer programming, no (or very little) IT Department support, and usually no additional computer hardware.  They are intuitive to implement and that clients can ‘hit the ground running’ and start gaining the benefits very quickly.

We recommend that clients take some training and/or implementation consultancy, in order that they gain the most benefits from our products.  The amount of training/consultancy required depends on the size and complexity of the solutions required, and on the clients own internal resources and policy to external support.

Several of our clients have needed only 1 or 2 days’ training/implementation consultancy in our products.  Others with large multi-entity, multi-application enterprise systems have, understandably, required substantially more training and implementation consultancy.

Account-Ability employs skilled and highly experienced trainers and consultants who will assist clients in whatever way they prefer to obtain the best client-led benefits from our systems.

Most clients prefer ‘skills transfer consultancy’, a process which includes working directly with the client’s key users: (i) to define the system functionality and flexibility required and, as a result, establishing the optimum system design; (ii) building parts of the system together, importing data, building sample report templates; (iii) imparting the skills required for the client to complete the system themselves to deliver the priority objectives; and (iv) during the process training key client staff to be able to maintain their system and to develop further applications.

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