Account-Ability’s aim always is to provide outstanding levels of client service at every stage in our relationship with clients.  Post-implementation support is no exception.  We offer the following services:

1. Technical Hot Line and Help Desk Support

This service provides telephone and email support and is provided by CP Corporate Planning AG.  The help desk is manned by UK nationals and is served by an ‘0800’ number.  The service is available free of charge to those clients that sign up to the optional Maintenance Agreement.

2. Account-Ability Bespoke ‘Help’ and Technical Support

Account-Ability provides it own bespoke technical telephone and email support to all its clients.  Given our knowledge of individual clients’ systems and requirements our support is specific and tailored to each client’s exact requirements.

3. Account-Ability New Release Support

Clients with a current Maintenance Contract are entitled to new releases of the software free of charge.  With the exception of major upgrades, new releases are easy to install by the customer.  Account-Ability, by managing the new release process, and by providing bespoke advice and guidance to individual clients, ensures optimum client benefit.

4. Account-Ability Training and Consultancy Support

Account-Ability Trainers and Consultants are available to provide additional services to clients in the form of support for developing new models and expanding the client’s own skill set in our systems.

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