Legally, most businesses need to compile a risk register, where risks relate to public or employee liability .

But, an effective business also manages both this risk and commercial risks, both at organisational and at project level.  Moreover, the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley has raised the awareness and importance of risk management for organisations.

Risk Manager® is a cost-effective tool, which enables you to identify, cost and manage risks within an organisation and within individual projects.

Risk Manager® provides a systematic framework for:-

  • Defining corporate risk strategy
  • Identifying categories and items of risk
  • Assigning probabilities and ratings (or cash values) to each item of risk
  • Identifying tools/procedures for minimising/eliminating risk and assigning them to each item
  • Assigning responsibility for management of risk items to defined personnel
  • Analysing the ranking, importance and cost of the various risks
  • Monitoring the application of risk procedures/tools
  • Reporting of Risk scenario

With Risk Manager®, organizations can automatically produce comprehensive documentation of their risk management strategy, management and results and can keep a tight monitor on risk management initiatives and new threats.