A Balanced Scorecard provides an objective way of measuring and managing performance.  The CP-BSC® web-based tool provides an easy-to-understand interface and visualisation of the goals and achievements.  CP-BSC® is a web-based tool which enables business perspectives, goals, measurements etc to be defined and managed in an easily understood format.

  • Define your own perspectives and company hierarchy, strategy
  • Define the goals and measurements
  • Data, actions and status can be input over the web.
  • Warning colours and symbols to indicate status of goals
  • Dynamic bar chart analysis of data over user-definable time span
The benefits to the user are:


  • Visual analysis of goals and achievements
  • Easy identification of key areas under performing
  • Cause and effect diagrammatic display
  • Enhanced performance management by linking goals, results and action plans
  • Easy to use, web interface

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