Housing and Real Estate

Planning software for the housing and real estate sector

New build schemes, modernization work and major maintenance projects require a large capital commitment. Property developers and housing associations need to look carefully into the financial consequences of their planning at an early stage. Regularly monitoring of all projects and the overall cash flow is vital to ensure sustainability.

For the housing and real estate sector, having reliable planning figures is essential. Good corporate performance management with the help of a made-to-measure software solution puts them at a considerable advantage.

With Corporate Planner software you can depict project-specific structures and keep track of your budgets. The solution shows what effects your decisions will have on the balance sheet, cash flows and P&L. With continual target-actual comparisons, you can identify variances and establish regular reporting.

Project Scenarios

Corporate Planner depicts new developments and operational management. With the software you can easily keep track of all new build and modernization measures and of how they affect your balance sheet, P&L and cash flows. By comparing alternative scenarios, you can see the opportunities and limits for investments.

Managing multiple projects in property development

Keep track of the financial effects of individual construction projects on your holding company. Corporate Planner automatically integrates all operational budgets into the structure of the holding company. With our solution you can compare different scenarios and identify scope for making investments. It provides you with the optimum basis for economically sound decision-making.

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecast

Planning and managing the cash flow within the housing and real estate sector is vital. There are many factors in developments that can seriously impact the financial performance of an organisation.

Corporate Planner has a detailed integrated financial planning application to generate detailed balance sheet and cash flow forecasts

Connection to pre-systems, automatic data import

The Corporate Planning solution has a large number of interfaces to other software systems relevant to the real estate sector. Through these integrations, all the necessary data are transferred from pre-systems concerned with, say, portfolio, loan and technical stock management, as well as from in-house tables and databases