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CP-Cons® is a state of the art financial consolidation and reporting software system.

Consolidation of multiple entities to produce financial statements is no easy task.  It can be complicated by partial ownerships and multiple currencies.  CP-Cons automates this task.  P&Ls and Balance Sheets for the various entities are imported and consolidated up using relationship/ownership rules, eliminations, adjustments and currency rates as defined by the user.  Key features include:-

  1. Workflow process to steer you through the tasks of consolidation
  2. Mapping of multiple charts of accounts into Consolidation Chart of Accounts
  3. Consolidation according to IFRS standard
  4. Standard report templates
  5. Multiple currency handling
  6. Manages minority interest entities
  7. Segment reporting option
  8. Consolidation of subgroups
  9. Multiple versions can be created for scenario testing – eg take on another company

CP-Cons® is specifically designed to ease the pain and reduce the time spent producing the financial statements.

The benefits to the user are:

  • Faster production of consolidated financial statements
  • Scenario analysis
  • Clear trail of assumptions

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