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CP-Cash Manager® is a graphical tool for short-term liquidity planning.

CP-Cash Manager facilitates the tracking of the daily cash position and the expected cash positions based on invoices in the purchase ledger.  It is easy to identify overdue payments/receipts and to modify the expected dates to give a clearer cash position for the immediate future. regular and one-off future payments can also be entered to provide a more accurate simulation of cash movements and cash balances.  Facilities include:-

  1. In-depth debtor and creditor analysis
  2. Cash balances for each defined bank account
  3. Ability to simulate cash movements between accounts to improve liquidity
The benefits to the user are:

  • Easy to identify a prospective liquidity issue so that action can be taken in time
  • Easy to analyse outstanding debtors and creditors
  • Easy to see the effect of late payments and to plan accordingly
  • Easy to identify which payments to delay if necessary

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