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Corporate Planner® has a dashboard interface option, designed so that managers can keep on top of the key figures.

Keep Up-To-Date with Your Latest Information

Corporate Planner® can accept any type of quantitative data. Input stock, staff, area, financial information into Corporate Planner® and utilise the information to calculate Key Ratios. With multiple planning versions and years it is easy to compare your current situation with budget’s forecasts, previous year(s) data. CP-Cockpit® helps to cope with a constantly changing situation. Your key data is presented on screen and automatically updated. There is no time consuming arranging of data or tables; have the facts immediately and always be up-to-date.

Early Warning System

CP-Cockpit® has a simple status traffic light. Instantly tell if your project / company / enterprise in on course. The warning limits can be set individually for each early warning indicator. For example if the project is only just on budget, a warning (yellow) is light is shown in the case of serious deviations the indicator turns red

Easy To Use

CP-Cockpit® is very simple to use additional module for Corporate Planner®. Each user can easily create their own dashboard by simply selecting information from their Corporate Planner® databases. Simple wizards guide users through the addition of graphs tables and warning lights.

The benefits to the user are:

  • Instant view of key information for managers
  • Multiple Pages of statistics
  • Intuitive to use
  • Up-to-date figures and analyses dynamically produced

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